Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week One in Encinitas

After a week in an Encinitas, I cannot yet say my new surroundings feel "normal", nor any of my habits routine. My furniture is still en route, and although I expect its arrival to restore some normalcy.

My last apartment in Northern Virginia was somewhat secluded, no downtown-area lent itself to gatherings or throngs of pedestrians. As I explore my new surroundings, it isn't the proximity to the ocean that I'm struck by, nor the appearance of palm trees. Rather, while walking in my neighborhood, the thought that echoes in my mind is "My God, what are all these people doing around my place?!?".

I'm finally feeling effective at my job, truly becoming part of the software development team. I think because I place such a high value on teamwork, working remotely is a handicap to which I'm particularly sensitive.

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