Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beach Commute

Rather than traversing Encinitas streets to get to the office, I opted today to do a "Beach Commute", walking the shore to the office. It isn't particularly convenient to do so, nor does it save me any time. Nevertheless, for novelty alone, I wanted to do it. Also, poor inner life reader Tom had requested more photos, and this would be an opportunity to supply some.

These are the stairs that lead down from D Street to the beach. Starbucks has not yet put a store here, so I had to do without my usual morning coffee.

The on ramp.

Fortunately, not only are flip-flops acceptable at my office, they are encouraged.

Treads are wearing thin

The beach was pretty empty around 8:00 when I began my commute. Surfers seem to be a perpetual part of the landscape here -- sure enough, many were around. I can't imagine ever having a hobby/lifestyle that dictated such early mornings.

HOV lanes open

Rubbernecking required

I naively assumed the tide was simply out during the mornings and in during the evenings. I knew there'd be a chance I'd have to get my feet wet, though. My main worry was my laptop, which I was carrying in my backpack. Wisely I had put two plastic shopping bags around it, making it impervious to water.

water main breakage affecting all lanes

I thought I'd just have water around my ankles. My mistake -- I arrived to the office with drenched shorts (but laptop intact).

Fear not, cigarettes remained dry

I'm not sure that I'll repeat this route soon, but it was fun nevertheless.


gutfeelings said...

This might come in handy next time you're considering the beach commute...

Thomas Stiehm said...

Nice pics, it is giving me a good idea of what your new home town is like. Keep it up.

localsincebirth said...

Hey Keith, welcome.
Don't walk too close to the cliffs - they fall down sometimes. Better to walk near the water.

I love your foot tan lines. They are so cute.

Mom said...

I like the comment from "localsincebirth" but you knew i would. MOM