Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beaching my mind

My mind is beginning to accept that I live near the beach. Heretofore, my brain had a hardwired "beach == vacation" association. Slowly this is breaking down. I've always loved the beach -- sand castles, beach chairs, strolling the shore, you name it. Now I fall asleep listening to the waves roll in.

Will I be able to *not* live near the beach ever again?

Encinitas is definitely surfer-friendly. Instead of the usual pedestrian crossing signs, you'll likely see one of these:

Surfer crosswalk


Thomas Stiehm said...

I really like the contrast of the beach access walkway at night compared to the beach access walkway during the day you had a few posts ago. It creates a kind of vista of your new environment.

I wonder if you will ever be able to go back to not living at the beach. Some of us city (well suburb) dwellers are jealous.

localsincebirth said...

I am enjoying seeing my town thru your (new) eyes.

Have you been to VG's donuts yet?

Keith said...

I have been to VG's Donuts. Tragically, I arrived too late in the day; no donuts were available. I shall now make a return visit a priority.

Miss Hasher said...

I stumbled upon this and Geez, 'Steiner, I can see you embracing the whole California lifestyle - hair color aside, you seem made for it. Lap it up!

hopfrog said...

once again, localsincebirth is right on the money! VG donuts one of the highlights of my trip to Encinitas! I may have to set up an account there. Mom